Politics: Maori Party; Hot air hui in Huntly

The weekend’s special National Hui in Huntly did nothing to quell the current leadership woes within the Maori Party. If anything, all it did was release more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. It seems Te Ururoa Flavell is not giving up, laying down his leadership challenge thus probably creating a pretty awkward and tense atmosphere in the meeting house I could imagine.

‘So what’ you might ask. Indeed, a valid question. The Maori Party have always struggled to as a pan-Maori party. It is virtually impossible to do so, with new educated young Maori splitting off to all areas of the political spectrum as I’ve previously noted here. The only constituents that seem to still side with the Maori Party ideals are predominately the older types usually with connections to high power Iwi members etc.

For many, the Maori Party sold out years ago to National, and for that there is no going back. Indeed Flavell and Sharpels are one of the same kind. I am not even sure that a leadership change would in-fact revitalize the party as I once pondered, given how embedded Flavell is in the upper echelon of Maori politics.

“I’m still the leader…The bottom line is I’m prepared to lead us until I’m dead; I mean forever.” – Pita Sharpels

Anyway, as Tuku Morgan says, any change would require a ‘yes’ from all electorate bodies of the party, thus amending their original constitution specifying a male/female co-leadership.

4.2 (party structure) c. There shall be a special general meeting immediately following the General Election to select the Party Leadership (two co-leaders, one female, one male). Those selected shall be in office for three years. – Maori Party Constitution

A document tabled by Professor Whatarangi Winiata over the weekend, has proposed an alternative ‘threesome’ deal, the details of which I have not yet seen in depth. It seems to define roles for each of the power-hungry people at the top so they can all get along and play happy families. How realistic this deviation is from the original co-leadership framework that works so well for the Greens is unknown, however one could take a stab in the dark and say it would be a farce.

It is clear from the Huntly hui, according to Mr Morgan, that the party at large stands with the status quo (which speaks volumes about his own personal allegiances, see extended video below how he state outright that Flavells previous leadership challenge “failed”) however the Maori Party leadership ructions will certainly not die down anytime soon. It will be an interesting spectacle to watch in the coming months leading into 2014.

Extended interview with Tuku Morgan WAS supposed to be shown here but you just have to click HERE now

PS: For some reason embedding video from Facebook does not seem to work. If anyone can help me in this regard it would be much appreciated as a relative newbie to WordPress and all its frustrations.

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